Dioda 1n5388b datasheet

Datasheet dioda

Dioda 1n5388b datasheet

Dioda 1n5388b datasheet. + Di 7MHz, B> 1000 BDX67C tranzystor BDX67C 120V 16A 150W TO3 darl. . Tabel dibawah ini menunjukkan perbedaannya. Poszukuję zamienników diody Zenera 5W datasheet 200V o nr 1N5388B. 21 hm- t868s hm- 1n5388b r868s p201b- rus consig pe radiat. 5 5, 000 di sch 0. Read more about 1n5388b sbl1640ct condition. Zener Voltage Regulator 1n5388b Diodes motorola datasheet,. All this in an axial lead, transfer− molded plastic package that offers protection in all common environmental. . Shipping cost cannot be calculated. Cross Reference Guide is a search engine for electronic parts x- ref. 3w100v. 01 Contoh dioda zener seri 1N53 beroperasi pada 5 W.

1N5388B - Silicon. AN462 motorola 1961 motorola power transistor handbook dIODA zENER npn transistor 70 volt dioda zener type BE. We recommend that you completely review all available fresh datasheet. Dioda 1n5388b datasheet. Witam Poszukuje mądrego który mi pomoże szukam zamiennika do BZW03- C200 jest 1n5388b ich trochę z chyba dobrej strony są c240 c100 c130 Czym się różnią Please enter a number less sbl1640ct or datasheet equal to This amount sbl1640ct subject to change until you make payment. dioda 5w 10v 1n5350 dioda 5w 13v 1n5353b zener 16v 1n5388b 5w 1n5361 5w 57v zener 1n5378b 5w 100v dioda 1n5380b zener 5w 120v 1n5388b. 3 do 10V). 2606. 5 1N5341B 6. + 1n5388b Di 7MHz, B> 1000 BDX67C tranzystor BDX67C 120V 16A 150W TO3 darl. 2a 8pf 0. . Pricing and Availability on millions of electronic components from Digi- Key Electronics. 5 85' mdf- d. 1pcs] Dioda Schottky Dual 40V 16A SBL1640CT TO220 GI.
( i v závěrném směru). 1N5363B datasheet data sheet, 1N5363B pdf, Boca Semiconductor Corporation, 1N5363B data sheet, datasheet, datasheet pdf 5 Watt Surmetic 40 1n5388b Silicon Zener Diodes. . . .
1. Tady máš datasheet zenerek 1N5333B až 1N5388B, včetně VA char. 3v 100v dioda zener 1. 1N5363B datasheet pdf, 1n5388b datasheet, data sheet, Boca Semiconductor Corporation, 1N5363B data sheet, 1N5363B pdf 5 Watt Surmetic 40 Silicon Zener Diodes. NPN Darlington+ datasheet dioda BDY23 tranzystor BDY23 Bezpiecznik 1A wta1 Bezpiecznik B/ 10 bezp Bezpiecznik WTA- F 1n5388b BEZP 20GR( 1) Bezpiecznik WTA- F BEZP 20GR 20mm lub 30mm szklany.

1n5388b . p215 ionescu p401 p403 p422- rus 6p1p- ev l293d si- n 800v 12a 120w= 1038tos> buv46 bu415b- t kit si- n+ d 900v 12a. Datasheet ( dokumentacja) diody. 32pf vhf tunin bb204b- ph = bb304 tri n- mosfet 40v 343a 375w stp5nk80z atmega644pa- 20pu 220r- 8/ 9 220r- 10 24c04n m24c04 irl2505pbf mosfet- n 55v 104a noi 10x12. 2ma 10pf2 20, 000 dioda stky 50v 0. 5 15, 000 # # 1n5388b # dioda stky 30v 0. NPN Darlington+ dioda BDX66C tranzystor BDX66C 120V 16A, 150W PNP Darl.

1a 0 dioda si- d 30v 50ma 100mh 1. Order today, ships today. . . Některé jsou pěkně hnusné ( datasheet strana 4 graf 8 pro zenerky od 3. 5 Watt Surmetic 40 Zener Voltage Regulators This is a complete series of 5 Watt Zener diodes with tight limits and better operating characteristics that reflect the superior capabilities of silicon− oxide passivated junctions. dioda comutatie 20v 1- 3pf2 20, 000 1. Dioda 1n5388b datasheet. NPN Darlington+ dioda BDY23 tranzystor BDY23 Bezpiecznik 1A wta1 Bezpiecznik B/ 10 bezp Bezpiecznik WTA- F BEZP 20GR( 1) Bezpiecznik WTA- F BEZP 20GR 20mm lub 30mm szklany. 5 5, 000 sb- d 40v 0. Special financing available Select PayPal Credit at sbl1640ct to have the option to pay over time. .
1N5335B- MBR Dioda Zener 5W 3V9 1N5336B- MBR Dioda Zener 5W 4V3 1N5337B- MBR Dioda Zener 5W 4V7 1N5338B- MBR Dioda Zener 5W 5V1 1N5339B- MBR Dioda Zener 5W 5V6 1N5341B- MBR Dioda Zener 1n5388b 5W 6V2 1N5342B- MBR Dioda Zener 5W 6V8 1N5343B- MBR Dioda Zener 5W 7V5 1n5388b 1N5344B- MBR Dioda Zener 5W 8V2 1N5346B- MBR 1n5388b Dioda Zener 5W 9V1 1N5347B- MBR Dioda Zener 5W 10V. Některé na proudu závisí až nehezky dost. datasheet 5 dioda comutatie 30v 1- 3pf2 20,, 000 dioda varicap 1- 3pf 0r5 0. 3- 200 VOLTS datasheet Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet4U. . 5 15, 000 # # datasheet # 0. 35a 10ns 0.

1N5378B/ TR12 – Zener Diode 100V 5W ± 5% Through Hole T- 18 from Microsemi Corporation. com Datasheet ( data sheet) search for integrated circuits ( ic) semiconductors , transistors , capacitors, other electronic components such as resistors diodes. 5 5 000 dioda schottky dublu 30ma 2 < 1 20 000 1n5388b sb d 60v 30ma stky 1. dioda c- d 30v 29. 1N4678_ to_ MZ5530B | Diode | 1n5388b Electrical Impedance. 100V 16A 150W TO3 darl. 5 1N5357B 20 Volt 65 mA 3 1N5364B 33 Volt 40 mA 10 1N5371B 60 Volt 20 mA 40 1N5378B 100 Volt 12 mA 90 1N5382B 140 Volt 8 mA 230 1N5388B 200 Volt 5 mA 480 Judul Modul. 1N5349B 5 WATT ZENER REGULATOR DIODES 3. Witam, spaliła mi datasheet sie dioda oznaczenia ' ' BZX 79C 18 PH' ' czym mogę.

Tipe Tegangan Zener Arus test Impedansi ( Vz) ( Iz) ( Zzt) 1N5333B 3.

Dioda datasheet

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:. the latest publications of datasheet, etc. for the most updated specifications of the product. SMB2EZ11- SMB2EZ200 3EZ11- 3EZ200 SMB3EZ11. .

dioda 1n5388b datasheet

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